Strength & Speed

The best way to become a better baseball player isn’t always by playing more baseball.

There are many ways an athlete can increase their sports performance, one of those ways is by participating in a strength and conditioning program. To be successful at baseball or any sport it requires some level of physical strength, power, and the ability to change and re-direct yourself.  For baseball, a large amount of lower body and core rotational power is essential for throwing and hitting the ball farther and harder. If you are looking to get an edge on the competition, getting started with one of our training programs may be just what you need. Here at Ninth Inning Baseball we offer two types of training programs: Strength Training and Speed and Agility Training. These programs are both an hour long.

Training Packages Pricing:

Basic Training Package           8 sessions for $200

Now that you are ready to become a better athlete, which class best fits your goals?

Strength Training:

  •  Build a baseline level of total strength to create a foundation to prepare the body for future athletic development.
  • Focus will be on sound weight training techniques which will lead to a reduced risk of injury.
  • Baseball specific exercise selection to protect joint integrity and train important functional movements using neuromuscular recruitment.
  • Develop the rotational power and explosiveness to drive the baseball harder and farther.
  • Improve scapular development and strengthening to increase throwing velocity.
  • Core/hip stability and explosion to increase muscular power output leading to an increase in bat speed.
  • Develop maximal strength for the physically mature athlete.

Speed and Agility Training:

  • Develop proper movement technique to improve both coordination and speed.
  • Enhance first-step quickness out of the batters-box with improved reaction.
  • Boost lateral acceleration that results in increased ground coverage to get to balls that were once out of reach.
  • Increase foot quickness and balance with drills that will lead to increased range of motion for stronger, more precise throws.
  • Produce greater tracking in the outfield and improve skills test times with improved change of direction.
  • Develop greater linear acceleration with over-speed resistance drills resulting in a faster 60 yd time and improved base running.
  • Establish a baseline level of cardiorespiratory with efficient energy production in order to reduce in-game fatigue.

Initial Athletic Assessment / Evaluation

Athletic Assessments are not mandatory prior to entering into our strength & conditioning programs, however they are an integral part of training and are very valuable to have done. The evaluation will consist of a Functional Movement Screen to assess muscle imbalance along with inefficient movement patterns. True athletic movement can only be expressed when an athlete has a strong and stable base. Assessing and optimizing movement patterns is the cornerstone of our approach to performance development. Some elite athletes can perform at a high level with a limitation, but will never reach their full potential if they don’t fix these issue and just like you, are at a greater risk of injury because of it. By assessing their quality of movement we can accurately apply the correct intervention to restore optimal movement and remove potential limitations. This allows us to make observations and prepare the right course of action for the athlete.  Optimizing the movement abilities of athletes allows them to play their chosen sport at a higher level, game in and game out, season after season. The evaluation will be performed by certified / licensed athletic trainer, Ryan Harber, of St. Vincent Sports Performance.

  • The price of this 30min session is $50.

Note: This evaluation is a separate cost in addition to the package bought for Strength & Conditioning Training.

Class Schedule 

Updated 2016 Spring Training Schedule

Call 678-691-5917 for more information on class scheduling.

Training Principles and Information on Youth Training:

Youth athletics are everywhere in the south and play an important role for healthy all-around development. It is our goal at Ninth Inning Baseball to help keep your kids healthy and playing longer. If you are interested in training for your youth athlete, but worried about safety, our National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist is here with a purpose to provide your youth athlete an age appropriate workout specific for their needs.Our youth athletes train more with an emphasis on developing their ABC’s: Agility, Balance, and Coordination. They primarily train using body weight exercises, light medicine balls and tubing. All while being coached to learn to better movement mechanics and control of their bodies.

Older athletes, typically ages 14-18, participate in a more traditional training program like what someone would imagine when they hear of a strength and conditioning program. Squatting, leg pressing, and all types of functional strength training lifts. The athletes who have a longer training history, or have proved their competency of proper form and technique will be allowed to perform more complex lifts. Strength and conditioning is a growing area for athletes of all sports and participation in a well-balanced program if often mandatory in high school and collegiate sports. Our goal is to get your athlete playing better at their sport than when they walked in. Everything we do at Ninth Inning has the same goal in mind, transitioning what we do and learn here over to the field or court seamlessly.

We don’t expect every athlete who comes through our doors to be on the same level, which is why when an athlete starts training with us they are assessed and then given specific goals and exercises to help them get the most out of their training. The training classes are designed in such a way that they create a fun, safe, workout environment for everyone.

We hope that you are now excited to come start you training here at Ninth Inning Baseball! We know that training here will put you a cut above the competition and increase your performance on the playing field.

It’s not how you start…it’s how you finish


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