7I High School Prep Clinic

7th Inning Softball’s High School Prep Clinic is a 4-session clinic to properly prepare you for the fall High School Season.

For those of you new to our High School Prep Clinic, it is very different from the private one-on-one fielding lessons. Framework, curriculum, and instruction will be delivered in a group setting with advanced progressions throughout the course of the program. There will be only 8 slots available per program. This Prep Clinic will provide a focused developmental experience, with each session building off of the other, increasing physical and mental skills required for each lady.

The girls will be assigned program homework, including drills that will allow them to progress on each week’s sessions.

7I High School Prep Clinic: 

ALL SKILLS : Fridays: 2-4pm

Friday 7/10

Friday 7/17

Friday 7/24

Friday 7/31

A performance evaluation is done at the beginning of the first session. This evaluation helps identify the girls’ strengths and weaknesses before going through the program. Having this information will help create custom drills and programs, helping each player reach their “End of Program Goal”


8 Girls per Program

Focus: All-Skills Development/High School Preparation

Cost: $250


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